Sunday, March 22, 2009

1:43 Detail Cars Jagermeister

Finally bought that 1:43 Detail Car Jagermeister Porsche VW after peeking on it for several times for several months since I am undecided to buy it. Now, I am very happy having it in my display cabinet. Enjoy the pics..


  1. Very Nice

    JDMike certainly appreciate this diecast ;)

    I love 1/64 but the 1/43 ...maybe later

  2. Thanks! still waiting for my kyosho 64's...
    I cant wait to see them already

  3. the porsche collection 3 is amazing...if you like the GT3 RS you need all three colors ;)

  4. yeah, i am actually waiting for it in Tiny Toy Cars, I have no means of getting them except for that site,,,i love the martini's in that set.