Thursday, March 12, 2009

House of My Cars

My collection is probably complaining about how they are housed in my apartment. For quite some time, they were kept in boxes, cabinets and drawers. Not that I do not want to buy a cabinet, but I am really looking for a certain type that is not expensive, spacious and yet classy. I was able to buy one cabinet a few years back but decided to give it to my mom since the cabinet's varnish mixes up with the color of the stuffs displayed inside. Maybe due to humidity...Hmmmm...anyway, was excited the day it was delivered to my home. So here it is still bare...

This display cabinet has four layers with a small cabinet at the bottom, that small cabinet at the bottom would be very useful if you are living in a small apartment.
After a few days of deciding what and how to display my stuffs, well, here they are..

still looks a bit disorganized and has dull spaces, but as soon I am able to buy more cases, I would hopefully make it more look attractive. By the way, the bottom part would be reserved for Kyosho 64 ferraris.Thanks for reading.


  1. wow may spam!!

    sis, i love your 917 ang ganda!

    congrats on your new blog! :-)

    keep on posting!

  2. i placed you in my favorite blog links na din pala. :-)